Saturday, February 23, 2013

Castle Blog! (Caerlaverock)

We bring you now... another picture blog! Because sometimes reading tons of words just gets exhausting. It's understandable. Take a break. Look at the castle. Castles are pretty.

So lately in Glasgow the weather has been: 

(It's not evident, but the third one is hail. Lots of hail.)

As you can imagine, after three straight months of the above, one's mood tends to plummet. From past experience I know that an easy way to cure this is to get the heck out of town and go visit some castles. Fortunately, two weeks ago, I wrangled five friends and convinced them all to come with me to Dumfries, which is on the English/Scottish border right next to Gretna Green (the temptation to grab a random guy and elope, just to say I'd done it, was very very strong).

This is the castle we went to visit: Caerlaverock

So, I believe I've mentioned this before, but castles are kind of cool. There's one thing all the other castles I've visited before in Scotland have lacked though... A MOAT!!!!! Look! It's a moat!

One of the really nifty things about historic Scotland, the preservation society that owns most of these castles, is they don't really have tour guides or tour paths, they basically just let you explore the castles. So you can explore pretty much anything you want. (the following four photos courtesy Amy)


No really, anything.

I like walking through castles because it exercises my imagination. I find myself wondering about the people who used to live here. Why did they design the castle in this or that particular way? Did they love their spacious bedrooms or was there a draft? Did they enjoy the lovely view, or were they sick of all the cloudy days?

Wandering around castles also makes me realize how little some things have changed. For example, how even people 200 years ago would graffiti walls.

Thinking this much about the past can sometimes make you feel a bit like you actually live there

But even when you snap back to the present, the fact is that exploring castles is just fun.

Exhausting, but fun :)

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